• Laura

    The Oracle, wife and devoted mother, Laura is the chief brainstormer’s consultant. She is a singer/song-writer with pipes that can make you start a war, and then make you think about why you started the war in the first place. She serves up the hmmm things, keeps the tribe well fed and makes all the […]

    Position: Founder and Operations Manager

    Phone: (868) 395-1990


  • Francis

    Chief brain-stormer, strategist and doer, Francis is a multi-disciplinary artist and a recipient of multiple media awards for video, music, jingles and film, and is a published author with MacMillan Caribbean. He is responsible for designing the clock and utilizes his boundless energy to spread Cause An Effect like cheese paste, while feeding other NGOs, […]

    Position: Founder and Managing Director

    Phone: (868) 395-1990


  • George Wendell Pierre

    No picture necessary. A soldier with a heart for effecting positive change.

  • The People

    Responsible for building the clock and lifting all the ships, the people govern the tides and cause an effect. Mass communicators with all levels of expertise, they use their power to tell the story of love and transformation because they want to make the world a better place.

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