The Standard Rules for the Equalisation of Opportunities of Persons with Disabilities 1993 (United Nations), consists of 22 rules which incorporate the human rights perspective which had developed during the decade. The 22 rules concerning persons with disabilities consist of four chapters –

  1. Preconditions for equal participation
  2. Target areas for equal participation
  3. Implementation measures
  4. Monitoring mechanism

And cover all aspects of life of persons with disabilities.

While not legally binding, the Standard Rules represent a strong moral and political commitment of Governments to take action to attain equalization of opportunities for persons with disabilities. The rules serve as an instrument for policy-making and as a basis for technical and economic cooperation.

 Rule 1 in the Pre-conditions for Equal Participation is Creating Awareness. Creating Awareness casts the foundation for all forms of Equal Participation to be built on. It is the first step in moving from the current Medical model to the model of Social Inclusion.