• The Standard Rules for the Equalisation of Opportunities of Persons with Disabilities 1993 (United Nations), consists of 22 rules which incorporate the human rights perspective which had developed during the decade. The 22 rules concerning persons with disabilities consist of four chapters – Preconditions for equal participation Target areas for equal participation Implementation measures Monitoring […]

  • Fundraising for Cause An Effect also includes creating a sustainability fund to support our long term goals to research and build sustainable, assisted-living communities where persons with moderate to severe disabilities, can enjoy a fruitful life through living and working there, and being able to interact socially with persons of all different abilities.

  • “Campaigning is a conversation with society, persuading people to take an unusual interest in supporting a move that would not normally happen. It is the science and art of changing what is possible. It means setting up and sustaining processes that are not normal or ‘business as usual’.” (Rose C. 2010 What Makes People Tick: […]

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