In a conversation with the Chairman of Special Olympics Trinidad and Tobago, Mrs. Candy Berment-Harper, she said “our athletes compete at International Games, they bring home Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.”

We thought but how could this be? How is it that no one knows about this? We didn’t know this.

Special Olympics Trinidad and Tobago has been doing this very important work for 35 years. In 2015, a contingent of 64 athletes and 20 staff will be going to the Winter Games in LA to represent our country.

For Cause An Effect, this is new territory for innovation. The competitive spirit and sport are universal. What better way to show persons who are often ignored and not considered as equal, striving to achieve excellence to the best of their ability?

This also presents the right opportunity to celebrate persons with special needs and intellectual disabilities and to shed light on the numerous tireless persons who work behind the scenes.

In the months ahead, we will follow the athletes and their coaches at their training sessions, to create the stories that will reveal their grit and unique personalities, and lift them up to celebrity status.