Life is a privilege gifted to souls. Love is a privilege gifted to life. Life in the flesh is a privilege that comes with many challenges. The greatest of them is Love.

Unless you have a personal connection, special needs or disability, is an abstraction.

Even with our oil and gas revenues, Government after Government have failed to secure a better quality of life for persons with disabilities in Trinidad and Tobago, by not putting down the proper infrastructure.

It is easy to ignore the anxiety and hardships faced by parents and caregivers of persons with disabilities, and it is tempting to be indifferent to their concerns of what will become of their children when they the parents die. But it is the responsibility of parents to ask that question and it is understandable that they will be anxious because you don’t ever think that you will have a child with special needs. Nothing prepares you for it. And the journey to find answers only reveals more questions.

There are over 60,000 families in Trinidad and Tobago living this reality and it is still regarded as taboo. People hide away or abandon their offspring or siblings with special needs and relationships are strained and broken, under the weight of societal, emotional and financial pressures. Unresolved issues and ignorance affects our well-being, productivity and the stability of the family. There isn’t enough awareness around the topic to build empathy with the wider population, so a lot of times parents and siblings have no support systems and feel alienated in their communities.

Soul Dieu explores Love on earth through the father of a child with special needs as he challenges himself, the status quo and an apathetic system, in his quest to answer the question…what will become of my son when I kick the bucket?

Through this work we hope to wake our population up out of apathy and to bridge the gap between reality and the public’s consciousness. We are trying to build empathy and invoke our humanity to transform perspectives, and to solicit a response to act.

Film is the most powerful tool to capture the truth in a campaign for change. Instead of opening a window to glimpse into another world, we will attempt to bring the viewer into that world so we can share the experiences and build a common humanity.